Lead with Intent

Purpose-driven leadership is transformative. 

Emerging leaders and teams are too often held back by lack of vision, inexperience or a disconnect with core beliefs.  Jen’s coaching takes vision and values head on. Her work empowers individuals and teams to uncover core values, create a roadmap for growth, and produce breakthrough results -- for themselves, their team and their organizations.

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Be Your Own CEO


Your life is your Fortune 500 company! 


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Leadership Development & Team Coaching

Partner with me to take your team to the next level!

Mission Driven Consulting

I work with mission driven companies to develop strategic plans, navigate government relations, & operational processes.

Why Jen

I bring deep business and team building expertise to develop principled leaders and unified teams. I champion Millennials and emerging leaders to make bold decisions inline with their core values, inspiring productivity breakthroughs and meaningful change. 

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